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McFarland, Michael
McFarland, Patrick

Obituary published in local paper: Monday, Nov. 26'th 1888.

Patrick McFarland died of general debility at his home in the town of Shields, aged 84 years.  Mr. McFarland was a native of County Louth, Ireland, and came to this country in 1834, locating at Peru, Clinton county, New York, where he worked at blacksmithing for 18 years, and then came west and located in the town of Shields.

He leaves surviving him four sons and three daughters, his wife having preceded him to the other shore some 21 years ago.  He resided on the farm where he died for the past 36 years, and during his long residence there made many warm friends hereabouts who sincerely mourn his death.  He was a good neighbor and citizen, and the high esteem in which he was held, was well illustrated by the large number who attended his funeral, which took  place last Wednesday at St. Bernards Church.


General Info.

Patrick McFarland was born in 1804 in county Louth, Ireland.  There he met and married Bridget Cunningham.  They came to the United States in 1834 with two children, locating at Peru, Clinton County, New York , where he worked at blacksmithing for 18 years.  In 1852 they came west and located on a farm just west of the city in the town of  Shields.

  Patrick McFarland b.1804  d.Nov 1888   married to
  Bridget Cunningham b. ?  d.Sept. 19, 1867

       Elizabeth  b. in Ireland 1827   d. Sept. 12, 1917
       Patrick    b. in Ireland 1830   d. Jan. 21, 1916
       John       b.?                  Died at a young age.
       James      b. in Peru, NY 1837  d. May 29, 1917
       Mary       b. in Peru, NY 1840  d. Dec. 13 1908
       Peter      b in Peru, NY  1843  d. June 3, 1898
       Alice      b. in Peru, NY 1844  d. April 28, 1917
       Joseph     b. in Peru, NY 1846  d. March 15, 1922
The records go on listing each of the childrens offspring,  My records are current up to 1972.  Not every one of the children had offspring.

There also was a brother of Patrick who came along to America.  His name is Michael McFarland and he married Ann Cunningham (sister of Bridget).

Info:  This is a brother of Patrick and a sister of Bridget Cunningham.  Michael and Ann were married in Ireland and came to the United States in 1834.  They lived in AuSable Forks, NY and came west in 1854 to Watertown where they settled on a farm not too far from his brothers.  As of 1972 this farm was the Coughlin farm.. They had six children and there are few dates on them.  [Info courtesy of Mrs. Hattie Lawton]

         Patrick  b. ?          d. 1880
         James    b. ?          d. Feb. 16, 1897
         Alice    b. 1845       d. Sept. 25, 1903
         Michael  b. ?          d. Oct. 20, 1922
         Mary     b. ?          d.  Jan. 23, 1923
         Ann      b. 1854 in NY d. Feb. 6, 1927

The only records that go on are for Ann.

The homestead of Patrick McFarland is located on Cty. K, where the bypass of 26 is proposed.  Bob & Ruth McFarland live where the homestead was.  Peter & Cindy McFarland now run the dairy farm.

Contributed by Tim McFarland, Aug 2000